I am Wombman. Originals

Genital Thoughts.© 2011 wood canvas 2x3 feet

As I had come in to my own ways, I noticed that all I could think about was femme parts. Not exclusively perverse, though, curious about my state of gender ignition.

Bisexual Impromptu © 2011 5'7'' x 2'3'' (ft) wood door board. We all have to pick when choosing the right fit. Through my dreams, I have desires and needs. Most times, I won't be able to choose which experience I encounter, they just happen. In eight months, I figured out what I wanted in that moment, and even then, there was a doubt.

Linear © 2011 panel 3'8'' x 1'5'' (ft)

Serious yet playful. I have a strong affinity for this particular piece. An asexual identified, alienated creature within all of us I believe. Whimsical, vulnerable, linear, abstract thoughts, and desire. I had a playful nature while bringing this piece to life.

Cosmic © 2011 wood shelving 2'6'' x 1' (ft)

While painting in the privacy of my backyard, I felt like I was freed from something. This whole time frame that it took for me to accept the things I can not change- so to speak. To accept me breaking free from the bound inhibitions that wouldn't allow time for self reflection. Coming out of the darkness of my veiled sexuality in to my being in it's entirety. I don't know what it is, but I know now to accept it for what it may be.

Feminine confusion. © 2011 panel 2'6'' x 3'2'' (ft)

I started painting her face and was going through a period of morbid sexuality. At the time, I was sitting alone in my living room contemplating the harsh circumstances that I had to deal with while my then boyfriend wanting more of me that I was willing to give. This woman came to my thoughts (periodically you will notice nothing but an influence of femininity) and because I envisioned her so many times, I was quite nervous to confront her- so to speak.

PMS. © 2011 panel 2'3'' x 3'4'' (ft)

Open for interpretation.

Head Down © 2011 wood head board 5'1'' x 2'' (ft)

While listening to Head Down by Soundgarden, I was in deep thought about the gateway to my sensuality. I was contemplating the many ways a female is dissected through her sexuality and for me at least, it starts with the upper outer layer in to what is hidden through my confusion. The tubes represent what it takes to fuel an emotion. My emotion at the time, was frustration which is shown by the chaotic splatters of fabric paint.

Circular Sexuality. © 2011 Desires took me into a spun bound notion as I was creating. I quickly identified with the premise of not choosing one from the other but realizing I had a lust to flirt with both sides of the spectrum.

Untitled.© 2011 wood shelving

Open for interpretation.

Certain Somebodies. © 2011 wood board heavy

Open for interpretation.

Exorcism of her © 2011 Open for interpretation.


I am Wombman.
This selection of work is for people who are not afraid to face the thoughts provoking or questioning one’s sexuality. Knowing from my experiences and those around me, sexuality is fluid; you just go with the flow. Curiosity fulfilled can be delightful depending on the timing. When the moment does not favor, a morbid spectrum of condensed emotions can inflict crisis upon one’s psyche. My ideas are to have women think critically about sexual preferences and how that affects intimate dynamics, personal relationships, and general decision making. There is satisfaction accepting unconventional thoughts influencing various consequences, presenting intrapersonal growth.


mixed media, illustration, paintings